My faery godmother Jen Moore of Modern Medicine Lady, explains the word of the day for today Bombogenesis as we prepare for another big snow storm and wind event here in Maine.  After weeks of cold weather and having the kids cooped up inside this feels like more than just the physical storm.  When can I throw my kids outside again?


BOMBOGENESIS When the Snow is Really Hitting the Fan

I don't really want to believe that this WotD is appropriate again (I recorded this for the last weather bomb last March) but with what we're expecting to hit us tomorrow, It IS! So Today's Word is BOMBOGENESIS!

Posted by Modern Medicine Lady, LLC on Wednesday, January 3, 2018
While not technically a mom herself, Jen has been a fairy godmother to many, including some members of the Mommy Rebellion.
As creator of the Empathic Woman System and author of upcoming book the Empathic Woman, Jennifer Moore works with empathic moms (and their kids) who can become so open that they get flooded with the thoughts, feelings and energy of the world around them.
Sadly many have been told they’re overreacting while also struggling to distinguish what’s theirs and what’s everyone else’s’ stuff.
As someone who has struggled with these challenges herself, Jen helps other women to control their sensitivities and filter all the emotional noise they absorb to feel safe, calm and confident so they can use their abilities to make a difference about what matters to them.