Poetry again this week.


These Girls of Mine

I never dreamed
that you would all appear
so fresh and new
and wrinkly too
with folds of fat
and fuzzy heads
one after the other
I took care of you
I still take care of you
but my have you grown
what was once one
became two
And here you are all
in your loud
and voices
singing in choruses
You are so full of life
and fights at times
to numerous to count and
I know
That you love each other
with the deep rooted passion
That only siblings can have
That sisters can have
You against the world
Strong Girls
Silly Girls
I can’t imagine life
without them
my darling
my dears
these girls of mine.
Chase Young is the founder of The Mommy Rebellion a place for judgment-free parenting.  She’s created a place to get tips, tools and support for what it is truly like to be a mother, stories from the trenches that show you you’re not alone.  Tips that real mothers use.  Tools to give to yourself and to your parenting friends to feel more focused, have more patience and energy, and feel less tired and snappy .  
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