A poem for my eldest daughter.


on the brink
not knowing where you are
body changing
from one day to the next
hormones raging
who asked them?
I was doing fine before you arrived
moods shifting
like bumps on my face
Somedays I am so full of hate
of all the change
all the angst
all the rearranging in my brain
where did happy thoughts go?
always dreaming of life
I do not know
what I want
or who I am
or how this new story
is suppose to go
One moment up
the next down in despair
this emotional roller coaster
has got to go
when will it end
this trying on hats
When will I know
where I am at?
When will life slow down again
when can I become a caterpillar
in my chrysalis?
Can you wake me up
When it’s all done?
Chase Young is the founder of The Mommy Rebellion a place for judgment-free parenting.  She’s created a place to get tips, tools and support for what it is truly like to be a mother, stories from the trenches that show you you’re not alone.  Tips that real mothers use.  Tools to give to yourself and to your parenting friends to feel more focused, have more patience and energy, and feel less tired and snappy .  
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