A real look at what eating healthy with an under year old looks like!


I’m a new mom.  I’m also a health coach.

Before I was a mom, I thought I was asking other moms (and men and women generally) to do things that were fairly simple.  I knew that I found these things to be easy, but I guess I didn’t fully realize how much something else can become a priority over oneself.

Because, at least for me, that’s what being a mom has meant these past 8 months.  I come in at best (but rarely) tied for first, and more often second to my baby boy.

So I’ve come up with a list of things that I normally did to keep myself healthy pre-baby… and the alternatives I’m using now because even 8 months in THIS. SHIT. IS. HARD.

Big Pot Meals – so pre-Finn my husband and I would make one or two big meals for the week.  It meant that we always had something healthy that we could grab and we didn’t have to purchase crazy expensive lunches in NYC.  What’s hard about this now is that cooking requires a set period of time wherein I can wield a knife without fear of chopping off a baby finger.  And since my kid doesn’t nap much (yea… that’s a thing…) OR care to be put down… that gets hard.

INSTEAD – I’ve started having singular, easy to throw together things ready.  A pot of rice all made, beans, a chicken roasted, veggies roasted, sweet potato roasted… pretty much all things roasted.  It cuts down on overall cooking time and I can quickly get one done before the kid freaks without having the stress of finishing everything overall.

Farmer’s Market – A variety of veggies is best for you.  And often they only have the standards at the grocery store.  I do plan to get back to the market in not too long, but really what this is about is the knife time mentioned above.  I’d love to hand chop everything, but time and available hands often doesn’t allow.

INSTEAD – So pre-chopped and bagged it is.  Frozen veggies (as long as they’re organic) are actually pretty great too, since their flash frozen at the height of the season.  This ensures that many of the nutrients are still available.  Just avoid the canned stuff if you can.  I’ll see you in the spring farmer’s market!  (Maybe…)

Smoothies are SOO EASY! – Lies apparently.  I mean, they should be.  But there’s lots of stuff to get out and put in and you’re trying to look up recipes that taste good but also pack a nutritional wallop and just no.  Not right now.

INSTEAD – I’m usually not a fan of the powders because I want my clients to take in as much real food as possible.  But this right here is the reason they exist.  For those times when it just feels REALLY HARD to get the nutrition you want, but have no hands.  This one I’d say use sparingly and DO take the time to research good brands that avoid unnecessary additives.  Take a look at the ingredients list (not the nutrition facts… the ingredients list) before buying.

Just get ten minutes of exercise in a few times a day! – OOOOOOK.  This one I do think is still great advice when you can.  But when you have the time to do this baby has a tendency to NOT be in the mood to play along.

INSTEAD – This is what specialized exercise classes are for.  I teach and attend Stroller Strides classes specifically for moms with babies who need to get some movement in but can’t do it kid free.  There’s classes like this that will accommodate almost any type of lifestyle.  Even if it’s not your favorite type of exercise, it’s worth it to keep your body moving and strengthening so that when you’re able to get back into your preferred exercise, your body is along for the ride.  (Ahem… this applies to NON-mothers too!)

I don’t just work with moms.  I work with CEOs, performers, managers, entrepreneurs, waiters… a whole bunch of different kinds of people.  And The list above applies to ALL of them as well because every single one of them was better at putting something (anything, really) before their health.  It can be hard to change your status quo so, yea, making these changes isn’t easy.

Let’s take the excuses away and figure out what WILL make this work in your life.  E-mail me at katie@keepingitrealkatie.com if you’d like help figuring out your unique lifestyle of health needs 🙂

Katie Gall helps people discover the full power of their body’s ability to achieve optimal health, create a habit of self-love, and live in harmony with their body.

Katie Gall is a Health, Wellness and Empowerment Coach. She helps people discover the full power of their body’s ability to achieve optimal health, create a habit of self-love, and live in harmony with their body.