How To DeStress Yourself and Your Child through Tapping

Today Sheila Henry brings us a short video on how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping to lower our and our children’s stress levels.

Have you ever done tapping before?  I love her suggestions of how to do it with your children. Join Sheila in this under 10-minute video below and let me know how your experience with EFT is in the comments!


Sheila Henry, MFT


Licensed Counselor (MFT #8408) for 30 years

Member: ACEP (Assoc. Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

Former member of the Los Angeles Chapter National Speakers Association

Member of the California Chapter Marriage & Family Counselors

Former board member of the San Diego Chapter of Marriage & Family Counselors Active Rotarian for 15 years

Professional Mom’s Success Coach

Author of Professional Mom’s Guide to Success & Sanity, How to Balance Career and Home Life with Less Stress.

At Peace with Screens…

This we are joined by Michelle Thompson, P.h.D, JD who writes about what screen time has meant to her only son.  And how she is at peace with it, at least for the moment.


I remember when Angry Birds was released as a game you could play on your device of choice. My sister’s partner let my son James play it at a restaurant. He LOVED it. He was five.

I downloaded the game on my laptop. That worked well because I wrote my dissertation on it, so he only had access to it when I wasn’t writing . . . and I was writing all of the time.

Fast forward to 2012, and I bought an iPad. I had games on it (Angry Birds and all its iterations), but it was MY iPad that I used to deliver college lectures and . . . edit chapters of my dissertation. That’s right, while James was hooked, he had limited access to that device.

Then James earned and was given rather large chunks of money as gifts. Do you know what he did with that money?

Buy an iPad.

I gave him an old smartphone of mine that didn’t work well. He wanted a new one. He bought an old model iPhone. With money he earned.


While Angry Birds no longer capture his imagination, YouTube, apps with endless memes, and Clash of Clans absolutely do. It’s not infrequent that you say something to him and get silence. I’ve been known to FaceTime with him – in the same house! It’s often the only way I can get his attention. My partner often gets nothing because he isn’t listening and she doesn’t use FaceTime (I think it’s fair to say that electronically, she’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of my son and I. She doesn’t use apps!).

However, he is the child who comes home and does his homework well. He participates in soccer and track. He’s actually really good at them. He twitches all the time if he doesn’t get enough exercise. He’s a great traveler and loves to cook. He spends time with our dog and practices the piano. His friends’ younger siblings LOVE him. He babysits.

He’s an only child, so I know that he’s easily bored. I know that boredom is often necessary to create.

But the screens get in the way.

Yes, I want this to change. I won’t give up the fight for figuring out how to separate him from screens without becoming entertainer-in-chief.

I don’t want this to be a never-ending fight. I want his mind in this with me. I want him to understand why this doesn’t work well for him. I know that much more connection with him is needed.

So for now, I’m at peace with his screens. For now.

Michelle Dionne Thompson, Ph.D., JD is the Founder and CEO of Michelle Dionne Thompson Coaching and Consulting, a primarily coaching business that works with women in law and academia to set and meet aligned goals sanely in the midst of insane industries. A recovering lawyer and a historian, she also teaches college and is writing her first book, Jamaica’s Accompong Maroons (1838 – 1905): Retooled Resistance for Continued Existence.

Bounce and Sway – What to do when you have no energy!

This is one of the first videos I ever did back in August of 2015.  But it is still something I do anytime my energy is low, even if I have to try and do it from a chair due to the broken ankle these days.


Posted by Chase Young on Saturday, April 25, 2015
Chase Young is the founder of The Mommy Rebellion a place for judgment-free parenting.  She’s created a place to get tips, tools and support for what it is truly like to be a mother, stories from the trenches that show you you’re not alone.  Tips that real mothers use.  Tools to give to yourself and to your parenting friends to feel more focused, have more patience and energy, and feel less tired and snappy .  
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It’s Back To School Time

It is back to school season around the country and while my kids are homeschooled, my friend Kim Calichio volunteered to say some things about the adjustment period that is going on right now.

Kim runs The Connected Chef in New York and loves helping families connect to each other through the medium of food.  As a former sous chef at one of the best restaurants in NYC, Kim understands food at an intuitive level.  Instead of teaching recipes, Kim teaches techniques, because as a mother of two active little boys, she understands that sometimes reading a recipe takes more brain power than we have!

Join Kim in the video below and get some inspiration for making the adjustment to back to school.

Kim Calichio is the owner and visionary behind The Connected Chef.

The Connected Chef works with families to use food as a way to connect with one another.  Our children’s gardening and cooking classes and individual family programs both allow us to work with clients to problem solve the struggles of parenthood and food. The results: Kids who feel empowered to make independent & healthy food choices and develop a natural respect for their environment and community; Parents who are able to take a breath and connect with their kids instead of engaging in the ever present struggle of mealtime.

You can get your Quickstart Guide to Easy, Healthy Meals as a Family from Kim here.

The Only Scheduling Tool I Use

How do you find the time to do all the things you need to get done in a day?

Much less fit in any self care time?

Can it even be done?  Especially in this culture of busy?

Would you believe me if I told you it could be done, and that I manage it, most of the time even though I have four daughters 11 and below, I run three businesses, am married and have several hobbies?

Let’s go back almost 3 years ago.  We had just moved 30 minutes away from the area of Maine we first moved to four years ago, effectively leaving most of our support system, so that we could save about that much time in my husbands daily commute.  Our youngest had just turned a year old, and unlike some of her sisters had gone straight into the “must watch constantly because she might kill herself” mode that meant I was always on guard.

I was working on building a business, anything really to be able to help supplement my hubby’s income while being home with the girls.  I was trying out an MLM for the second time and having about as much luck as the time I had tried one 10 years previously.  The one thing I knew I needed was support.

Through making connections on Facebook (and following instructions from the MLM I was a part of) I found a business coach down the coast in Maine and I started chatting with her.  To make a long story short she was getting ready to have a free virtual week which I joined and then later became one of her clients.

The biggest tool I think I have learned from the amazing Britt Bolnick of In Arms Coaching is that of Sacred Structure.  And it is through the regular use of this tool that I have been able to obtain a fair amount of balance in my schedule for the must do’s, the want to do’s and fun stuff.

The only slight twist I have added to Britt’s amazing concept is that of Grace Time.  Every week there is at least one (if not two) blocks of time that are labeled grace for catching up on all the business or other tasks that didn’t happen at their assigned time.  Because you know, as a mum, it doesn’t always happen the way you thought it should!  That grace time has saved me on more than one week.

What I love about Sacred Structure is you can set it up over and over again, so that it is always reflecting what is most important in your life right now.  We all have different seasons in our life, and what might be the most important right now (for instance healing from this broken ankle) will not necessarily be such a priority in another future season.  Sacred Structure adjusts for this.

Sacred Structure has changed my world.  The first thing I started putting in it was crafting/creative time, and that is still something that needs to happen regularly for my happiness.  Strangely enough that creative time bleeds over and makes everything else I do, whether it is parenting, running my businesses or cooking dinner, easier to accomplish.

What would be the first thing you would add to your schedule that you can’t currently find time to do?  Tell me in the comments below.  And check out Britt’s free Sacred Structure guide right here.  She even has videos for it now!

Chase Young is the founder of The Mommy Rebellion a place for judgment-free parenting.  She’s created a place to get tips, tools and support for what it is truly like to be a mother, stories from the trenches that show you you’re not alone.  Tips that real mothers use.  Tools to give to yourself and to your parenting friends to feel more focused, have more patience and energy, and feel less tired and snappy .  
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There’s No Perfection in Parenting – Part 3

Today we finish up our 3-part series from Robyn Wiley.

Robyn will be leading us through accepting that There’s no Perfection in Parenting and today she finishes our series with one last powerful tool.

Join Robyn in the video below and if you missed Part 1 and Part 2 just click on them!

Robyn Wiley is Mama Bear to a lovely and spirited 9 year old boy. When she’s not playing outside or watching Pokemon cartoons, she also serves as an Author, Joy & Authenticity Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Speaker, and Workshop Leader in the realm of Personal and Spiritual Growth.

At the core of Robyn’s work is her desire to help others connect to their most true, Authentic selves so they can experience the greatest amount of Joy, Passion, and Fulfillment in ALL areas of their lives- parenting included!

From many years of feeling very unhappy and disconnected from her own authentic self, Robyn understands the pain of living this way. After receiving massive benefits from working with her first Life Coach and Reiki Master, Robyn realized her calling to share the tools she had learned and to develop her own tools to assist others on their paths to happier and more authentic living.

Among her training and experience, Robyn has completed a B.A. in Philosophy, Reiki Trainings from 2009-2017 to the highest level of Reiki Master of Masters, a Certification in “Assertiveness Coaching” and has Coached dozens of clients from 2014, has designed and led dozens of Personal/Spiritual Development workshops, and has published a Guided Journal called: “My Happy Book: a Guided Journal to Light up your Life.”

Robyn continuously seeks training and experience to support her in being the best person, parent, coach, and teacher she can be, and is currently enrolled in a second Coaching Certification program, the highly reputed Robbins-Madanes Core 100 Program.

To learn more about Robyn and her work, please visit her website at: