This week we conclude our 3-part series on spirituality with Nikki Starcat Shields of Feline Dreamers.  Nikki is going to lead us through ways to make our spiritual practice part of our everyday lives.  Read on to find out how!

We’ve been talking about daily spiritual practice and how it can help support your whirlwind life as a Mom, bringing calm into your center. Now that you understand the value of a practice, and how to overcome your resistance, it’s time to dig in.


But, you might say, can it really be done? How can I add one more thing to my daily life, when it’s already overflowing?


As I mentioned earlier, I know it can be done because I’ve done it. I’ve had a solid daily spiritual practice for 20 years – all through my kids’ lives. The kids were both homeschooled, and part of that time I was the breadwinner. I’ve practiced through travel, family crises, starting my own business, publishing four books, and stresses of various kinds. Through all the stages of parenting: the terrible twos, the soccer-practice-every-day-and-twice-on-weekends phase, and the angsty teen years.


My daily spiritual practice is the foundation that keeps me calm and joyful and allows me to handle life’s inevitable challenges.


There’s nothing different about me – other than making the commitment to my daily spiritual practice, and sticking to it. You can do it, too. I know you can.


Lack of time is probably the biggest obstacle to your practice. Let’s address that (very valid) concern.


As you establish a daily spiritual practice, you’ll find that you actually have more time in your daily life. You’ll become more productive. This time expansion is a result of better focus. You’ll waste less time fretting and succumbing to those cultural pressures to be perfect. Like Dr. Who’s big blue Tardis, your experience of time is “bigger on the inside.”


When you make time to get centered, your perceptions shift, and voila! – you get more done and feel better while doing it.


Here are some other thoughts on making time for your new practice:


  • If your kids are very young, you can include them in your practice. Take a nature walk with your baby in the sling or stroller. I recall my kids joining me as toddlers, sitting on my lap as I drew my Tarot cards each morning. Slightly older kids can listen to a short guided meditation with you as you wind down at the end of the day.
  • Make your daily spiritual practice serve a dual purpose. You need to walk the dog, so take a meditative walk each morning. Make your shower or bath time sacred, with candles and relaxing music. Think outside the box.
  • Get support from your partner or a close friend. They can take over the kid care while you practice. Or you can always do your practice when the little ones are napping or sleeping. Be flexible, yet committed to taking some sort of sacred pause each day.


Make your spiritual practice time non-negotiable, and your kids will soon get used to it.


As your kids grow, your practice will evolve. This is completely natural. The 30-minute meditation followed by journaling that I do now wouldn’t have been possible ten years ago. My practice then was shorter, yes, but was still a sacred pause that helped me get centered each day.


Even as a busy Mom and family CEO, you can craft a daily spiritual practice that fits your life – and supports it fully. Are you ready?


Nikki Starcat Shields is a Mom, published author, Reiki healer, and licensed priestess. She blogs at Starcat’s Corner and shares her callings at Feline Dreamers. Want to learn more about how to create a daily spiritual practice that works in your life? Check out her It’s Your Time video.